After forty years in business, and some thirty of those in Roger St, Brookvale, we are relocating to Warriewood due to the sale of the premises. 

As of 01 August 2016, Ralua will be joining forces with ISCA at Warriewood. We will continue to provide you with the same service you have become accustomed to over the last 40 years.


The owner of Ralua Pty Ltd is Nesses Nalbandian (Nino), who travelled from Aleppo, Syria when he was 20.  Between 1963 and 1964 Nino attained his Trade Certificate as a Fitter, and also attained his 1st Class Machinist Certificate.  After working at various jobs, he built his own shed in his backyard in 1968 and bought his first lathe, working full time, evenings and weekends, machining plastic components.

Nino then started his own company Aleppo Light Engineering in 1970, sharing a factory unit in Powells Road, Brookvale.The business grew and Nino moved to a larger factory unit in Grosvenor Place, Brookvale in June 1977 and the business became Aleppo Light Engineering Pty Ltd.

The business grew bigger and in 1983 Nino purchased his own factory at 22 Roger Street, Brookvale..

Aleppo Light Engineering Pty Ltd is the parent company of Ralua Pty Ltd to which the business trades as today.Deisel Pumps and Injectors is a sub company of Ralua Pty Ltd.This company services and supplies Diesel Pumps and Injectors to the automotive industry.

All these companies are now managed by Nino’s son, Vic Nalbandian.

Ralua Pty Ltd has now moved forward and has a large machining centre and a CNC Lathe with live tooling.

The company supplies machined parts to major mining equipment suppliers and isalso involved in developing phototypes for production.

Ralua Pty Ltd also machines custom parts across a range of industries and supply perspex, acrylic, delrin and other specialty plastics.

A new industry that Ralua has been supplying, is the film industry.  We supplied materials to help manufacture products for the Storm Surfers movie.  Ralua has also supplied products for the James Cameron Deep Sea Challenger submarine for his solo trip to the deepest part of the ocean, Mariana Trench, and have been supplying materials for the new Wolverine movie as well.