HDPE Sheet & HDPE Rod

HDPE Sheet & HDPE Rod


HDPE sheet & HDPE rod are manufactured from the semi-crystalline polyethylene (PE) family. HDPE sheets & rods are available in various grades depending on the application requirements.


Advantages of HDPE Sheet & HDPE Rod is very light and extremely tough,chemically resistant plastic. It does not absorb water, it has good sliding abrasion resistance and is self lubricating.


Key Benefits of HDPE sheet & HMWPE sheet

Very low co-efficient of friction

Very high surface release properties

High chemical resistance

Excellent impact resistance

Very good damping properties

Weldable plastic

Excellent abrasion resistance


Applications : HDPE Sheet, HMWPE Sheet, HDPE Rod

Flow promoting liners to resist sliding abrasion and assist release.

Conveyor components subject to high wear and requiring low friction.

Componentry in direct contact with food stuffs.

Parts subject to high impact stresses.