Polypropylene Sheet, Rod & Tube

Polypropylene Sheet, Rod & Tube


The non-polar structure of Polypropylene sheet & rod gives it a very high molecular mass. This makes PP sheet & rod highly resistant to chemicals and to aqueous solutions of salts, acids and alkalis.


Polypropylene homopolymers have a high level of stiffness and toughness at room temperature. This together with their capacity to repel water makes them a good choice for mechanical and structural applications.


Advantages of Polypropylene sheet: Polypropylene sheet properties ensure that this material is a hard, stiff, easily workable material with excellent toughness and available in polypropylene sheet, rod, tube & polypropylene weld rod.


It is easily weldable thermoplastic which makes it ideal for tanks, fittings and vessels for the mineral processing, mining and galvanising industries.


Polypropylene PP sheet & rod products:


Key Features and Benefits: Polypropylene PP sheet products


Very high chemical resistance

Excellent impact resistance

Higher scratch resistance than HDPE


Excellent moisture resistance

Food Grades


Applications: Polypropylene sheet products

Food or corrosive storage vessels

Cooling or scrubbing towers

Pump bodies and components

Wall cladding

Plating Tanks and Hoods

Bench tops, etc.